CITA Productions is an award winning independent film, publishing and event management company based in Western, NY.

Contact Information:
William J. Edwards, Owner

  • C2D1: An Examination of the Extreme Haunting and How the “Ghost Boy” of Geneseo Came to Be, published by CITA Productions (Feb. 2019)
  • Surviving Evidence, Postscript investigating the C2D1 Haunting, Author (2015)
  • The C2D1 Haunting, Exploring the C2D1 Haunting written by Tim Shaw, published by CITA Productions (2015)
  • PLEASE TALK WITH ME – 30th Anniversary Edition, Adaption of the award willing film retelling the C2D1 Haunting at SUNY Geneseo, Producer (2015)
  • The K2 Killaz, Paranormal Thriller Short Film, Producer  (2014)